Spiral duct forming machine

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Company profile

In 2006, we have been engaged in the production of fan and pipe machinery Complete, can meet the needs of customers, strict quality control, ensure the accuracy of workpiece processing, provide perfect after-sales service, equipped with professional installation and debugging, with customer satisfaction as the purpose, continuous innovation and development.

The company has strong R & D technical strength. The company's technical backbone has been engaged in the research work in the field of ventilation pipe processing machinery and sheet metal machinery such as spiral air duct machine, elliptical air duct machine, shrimp elbow machine, aluminum foil forming machine, etc. the series products of Shibo company have won the recognition and praise of domestic and foreign customers with their excellent products, reasonable price and timely delivery time. In order to meet the market demand and ensure customer satisfaction, constantly update and expand product varieties, with perfect quality management and service system.

In line with the spirit of "innovation and excellence", the company continues to inherit the enterprise concept of "integrity, effectiveness, innovation and Transcendence", adheres to the purpose of "winning customer satisfaction", and faithfully serves every user at home and abroad.

Shibo machinery is a professional manufacturer of spiral air duct fan and supporting equipment. With 13 years of professional production experience, we sincerely provide customers with satisfactory products and perfect service. Welcome to visit our company!

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