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What is the spiral duct machine made of

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What is the spiral duct machine made of

The spiral tube is made of striped coiled material. It bites a bone through the pipe forming machine, rolls into a round pipe along the involute track, and at the same time, the mouth seam pressure, and finally cuts the length according to the demand. Because of its excellent performance and low cost, it is widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, air conditioning, air transportation, tunnel and other construction industries.

The spiral air duct can bear the maximum pressure, the thickness of the pipe wall is four times of the pipe body, and the pipe stiffness is very large, which shows strong advantages. It can bear the maximum pressure load and non-destructive deformation, and the wood thickness can be reduced by 15%. This reduces production costs.

Therefore, the pipeline vibration caused by low-frequency noise is small, the air flow performance is good, the system pressure drop is small, and the power consumption of the system is low in daily operation. At present, you can also use flat elliptical pipes to reduce the height of the space occupied by pipes. Flat elliptical pipes are special equipment that process circular pipes from pull type to flat ellipses.


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