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Spiral duct forming machine - air pipe machine problem

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Spiral duct fan - duct fan problem

Air duct fan is generally determined in the stage of decoration design drawings. Because the pattern of ceiling is considered in the design, the number and location of air duct fans should be determined in advance.

2、 Why more and more duct fans are used?

1) In addition, it can not only save the cost of the air conditioner, but also save the cost of the air conditioner Pattern; does not occupy the position; the living room + dining room cabinet machine occupies the position, the air supply is uneven, the occupation will be nearly half square meters, now the house is so expensive, it is not cost-effective. Originally, the position of the cabinet machine can be lengthened. Now it is occupied by the cabinet machine, and dust is accumulated in the dead corner behind the cabinet machine. It is very inconvenient to move the position of the cabinet machine when cleaning.

2) Effect: the cooling capacity of air duct fan is evenly distributed. Through reasonable design of air outlet and return air, it can meet the enjoyment of customers, which is more healthy and scientific than ordinary air conditioning; the air supply volume is large, the temperature difference between supply air is small, and the room temperature is even; the temperature difference in the same space is ± 1 ℃, and there will be no "air conditioning disease".

3) In terms of cost performance, the price of multi split is more expensive, and the indoor effect of the two is exactly the same. When only one room is needed to be opened, the whole air conditioning unit with multi split is still required, which will generate unnecessary energy consumption. The air duct fan not only allows customers to enjoy the effect of air conditioning, but also is relatively cheap. In addition, if the developer does not reserve air-conditioning pipes in the room, it is difficult to solve the problem of multiple on-line beam piercing and hole drilling, and the placement of outdoor host is also a problem. One driven air duct fan only needs to use the placement position of split air conditioner, which is very convenient for indoor design. The size of the outdoor unit is almost the same as that of the ordinary hanging outdoor unit.

3、 When will the air duct fan enter the site?

Generally, the installation of air duct fan should be carried out when the water and electricity enter the site. Generally, the installation should be started after the completion of knocking on the wall, because the electrician needs to pay off the line according to the installation position of the air duct fan, and be sure to install the air duct fan before the carpenter enters the site. Because the carpenter should according to the position of the air outlet to the ceiling, reserve the air outlet; some owners wait until the ceiling is ready to install the air duct fan, it is too late. The manufacturer's wires of spiral duct fan were not put in advance. 4、 The ceiling parameters of air duct fan, the equipment thickness of ultra-thin duct fan is generally 18.5cm. The thickness of the ceiling needs to be 25cm. In some rooms, the height of the beam is 30cm, which can be consistent with the height of the beam. Ceiling depth: the depth of ultra-thin duct fan is 51cm, and the depth of ceiling is generally 60cm-65cm.

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